The success of organizations is primarily about the accomplishment of their goals. Effectiveness impacts the success of organizations by maintaining the achievement of intended objectives and targeted results. In other words, Effectiveness, introduced across an organization, increases the level of results and the quality of a product or service.

Cyclos – Your Partner in Reaching Organizational Effectiveness

We, at Cyclos, are passionately engaged in ensuring your success in the multi-dimensional advancement of the effectiveness of your organization. Being oriented to the alignment of people, processes, technology, learning, and workplace, Cyclos enables, supports, provides and audits achievements your organization intends to accomplish, improve, or transform.

Analyzing relationships and interconnections

We analyze relationships and interconnections and synthesize them along with the context your organization operates within.

Providing excellence to business processes

We provide excellence to business processes aligning them with the vision, business strategies, and performance of your organization.

Identifying knowledge and mold learning processes

We identify new and existing knowledge. We mold learning processes for transferring and utilizing them across your organization, turning it into Learning Organization.

Optimizing workplace ecosystem

We optimize the workplace ecosystem, recognize and fill gaps in the establishment of supportive and challenging culture. We introduce happiness and health at the workplace across your organization.

Cyclos is grounded on four E pillars

Comprehensive Professional EXPERIENCE and research EXCELLENCE in a spectrum of areas related to business processes, digitalization, transformation, ICT, auditing, learning, and workplace organization. Proven EXPERTISE acquired in Financial Services, ICT, Governmental institutions, and at universities at the international level. Prudence and dare to EXPLOIT modern technologies, methodologies, and methods adapted to each case.

Our Core Team

Dragan Vucic

CEO – Process Excellence

Business Process Management and Organizational Development expert. 10+ years of experience in operational, audit, and strategic level positions in banking and IT. Researcher in auditing and organizational learning at UCLouvain.

Aleksandar Bratic

Principal Consultant – Cyber Security

ICT strategy development, IS implementation and audit, ICT infrastructure audit, ICT strategy plan evaluation expert. 20+ years of experience, who contributed to governmental, international, and private organizations worldwide.

Lets talk

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